Dani California



Dani is an audiobook narrator, on-camera actor, and former professional musician based in Los Angeles. Her childhood was jam-packed with glorious adventures, some of which might be misconstrued as “troublemaking”. Their quirky ways and penchant for dramedy suit them well for dark-humored tales, but they love spicy stories in nearly every flavor. While they maintain they are simply the bourbon in a room full of champagnes ( they wouldn’t turn up their nose to a glass of Angel’s Envy), their natural dulcet tones tend to mimic that favored drop – fiery, sweet, and just the tiniest bit smoky. Dani specializes in paranormal tales, fantasy romances, and mystery/thrillers, but has a soft spot for Rom-Coms and loves a good GamerLit.

When she isn’t in front of the camera or behind the mic, she’s exercising her thumbs playing video games, reading (her mom was a librarian, leave her alone), taking up various (mildly dangerous) hobbies like ax throwing, teaching STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) projects to kids around the city for a nonprofit, and befriending wild cats.



Rom Com 3rd POV MF Dialogue (Sassy)

YA Post-Apocalyptic 1st POV MF Dialogue Multi (Dystopian)

Paranormal Fiction 1st POV MF Dialogue Multi (Dry Humor)

Non Fiction 1st POV Mental Health (Snarky, Sassy, Relatable)

Featured Titles.

The Nitty Gritty.

Dialects: General American, Texan, Californian

For Dialogue and smaller parts: RP, Irish (Dublin), Scottish, French, Greek, Russian, German, Spanish, General Southern (Georgian, the Carolinas, Kentucky), New York

Favorite Genres: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance, Rom-Com, New Adult, Mystery & Thriller, Urban Fantasy

Favorite Tropes: Enemies to Lovers, Grumpy Sunshine, Forced Proximity, Friends to Lovers, Found Family, Shapeshifter/Vampire/Werewolf/Time traveler


“I am loving this whole series great story lovely people and a very enjoyable listen hopefully there are more to come.”

sammie, Audible UK

“This was a great listen! The characters connected from the start, but he knew they had to do things in a certain way and a certain order. She goes along, but she knows her mind is made up. Lots of action, lots of heat, lots of emotions, as these two race towards a new life!”

   Dar Good, Google Play